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Kineser som köper hus i Australien är en växande marknad. För att anpassa sig till marknaden så byggs småhus enligt feng shui principer.

Aussie developers build feng shui homes to meet growing market

February 3, 2016 6:04am

Alison CheungReal estate reporterThe Daily Telegraph

Local developer Phil Newman thought feng shui was the way to go in the Chatswood market.

SMALL property developers have turned to feng shui principles in a bid to snare foreign buyers, following in the footsteps of larger corporate companies, such as Stockland.

Developer Phil Newman, director of P&M Property Investments, recently listed two off-the-plan houses in Chatswood after hiring a feng shui consultant at the start of the project, due to the suburb’s sizeable Chinese community.

“It quickly became apparent to us that if we were going to redevelop [the block], our developments should suit the Asian market,” Mr Newman said.

One example of the consultant’s advice included positioning the rear exit out of sight of the main entry to avoid the homeowner’s wealth flowing directly out the back door.

Other considerations included the layout of the kitchen, careful positioning of windows and ensuring the houses had a good aspect.

The developer, Phil Newman, foreman, Damien Cook, and builder, Mark Newman, at the site of the construction on 34 View Street, Chatswood.

“You’d be crazy not to take it (feng shui) into account because Chinese interest in buying real estate in Australia is very high, and I think it will continue to be high because of the economic situation in China,” said Mr Newman.